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My name is Dr. Vladan Cokic and I’m working at the Institute for Medical Research, Belgrade, Serbia. With a consortium of European and US participants, we will apply to the following call Horizon 2020 for research and innovation: "Understanding common mechanisms of diseases and their relevance in co-morbidities". A description of the call is provided bellow the text. We already have collaboration with Hematology Department in Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade, regarding patients with myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs), CLL and multiple myeloma (MM).

We are looking to explore inflammation, via TGF beta family (BMPs) and Urokinase system, in hematological malignancies using MPNs, CLL and MM as models, and to follow co-morbidities in them. First preclinical studies (mice models, clinical samples) and with positive results in the regulation of TGF beta we will transfer to clinical studies targeting TGF beta signaling.

Please let me know are you interested to participate in the proposed Horizon 2020 call? Also do not hesitate to contact me for any additional information.

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Vladan Cokic



H2020-PHC-2015-two-stage Sub call of: H2020-PHC-2014-2015

Publication date 2013-12-11     Deadline Date   2014-10-14 17:00:00(Brussels local time) Stage 2             2015-02-24 +17:00:00 (Brussels local time) Total Call Budget          €330,000,000 Main Pillar        Societal Challenges Status   Open    OJ reference     OJ C 361 of 11 December 2013

Topic: Understanding common mechanisms of diseases and their relevance in co-morbidities PHC-03-2015

Specific challenge:  The development of new treatments is greatly facilitated by an improved understanding of the pathophysiology of diseases. There is therefore a need to address the current knowledge gaps in disease aetiology in order to support innovation in the development of evidence-based treatments. In this context, a better understanding of the mechanisms that are common to several diseases, in particular of those leading to co-morbidities, constitutes an important challenge.

Scope: Proposals should focus on the integration of pre-clinical and clinical studies for the identification of mechanisms common to several diseases. Proposals should assess and validate the relevance of these common mechanisms and of their biomarkers (where relevant) on the development of disease-specific pathophysiology, as well as their role in the development of co-morbidities in both males and females.

The Commission considers that proposals requesting a contribution from the EU of between EUR 4 and 6 million would allow this specific challenge to be addressed appropriately. Nonetheless, this does not preclude submission and selection of proposals requesting other amounts.

Expected impact: This should provide: A better understanding of disease pathways and / or mechanisms common to a number of diseases New directions for clinical research for better disease prevention, health promotion, therapy development, and the management of co-morbidities

Type of action: Research and innovation actions.


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