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 Gerbiami kolegos,


Norime Jums pranešti, jog Europos Hematologijos Asociacija (EHA) organizuoja Daugybines Mielomos konferenciją. Daugiau informacijos: http://www.ehaweb.org/congress-and-events/scientific-events/eha-swg-scientific-meetings/multiple-myeloma/


 Laiškas originalo kalba: 


The Scientific Working Group (SWG) Multiple Myeloma and EHA are organizing a three-day meeting focusing on recent advances in Multiple Myeloma, which will take place from September 5-7, 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. With this email we would like to kindly ask you, if you could share the information about this meeting among your members and/or announce it on your society’s website.


Please find below the text that you could use for your website:


The EHA-SWG scientific meeting Multiple Myeloma will take place from September 5-7, 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. This meeting will cover the genome wide studies, molecular diagnostics, GWAS analyses, imaging, MRD monitoring, myeloma stem cells, targeted treatment strategies, clinical trial portfolio, bio-banking and guidelines. In particular, this meeting will provide an innovative format that allows room for discussion. Voting boxes will be used for the self-assessment of participants. The online registration is now open. EHA members benefit from a € 75 discount on the registration fee.


This scientific meeting is EHA-CME accredited for 14 points and attached is a meeting’s flyer for dissemination.


For further information about the program and registration, please visit EHA website at http://www.ehaweb.org/congress-and-events/scientific-events/eha-swg-scientific-meetings/multiple-myeloma/.



We would like to thank you in advance for your collaboration.