About Hematology and Oncology Research Association of Lithuania

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 I.  Introduction

Hematological diseases are uncommon. Approximately 1500 new patients are diagnosed with blood cancer in Lithuania every year. Over the last decades, immense innovations have been introduced to diagnose and treat blood cancer improving survival in many patients. Many oncohematological diseases have become curable or can be controlled over a long period of time. However, numerous challenges remain since some diseases are notoriously difficult. Further improvements can be only achieved through intensive basic and clinical research. Furthermore, blood cancers are rare calling for close cooperation among different institutions and researchers.

II.  Formation
Six researchers established the Hematology and Oncology Research Association of Lithuania – HOTA – In 16-JUL-2012. The Association operates as a not-for-profit organization under The Associations Law of Lithuania.
III. Objectives
The Association aims to sponsor basic and clinical research in hematology and oncology as well as to promote cooperation among researchers and institutions.
IV. Organization
Board (elected: 16-JUL-2012)
Prof. Dr. Med. Laimonas Griskevicius – President & Chairman – laimonas.griskevicius@santa.lt
Dr. Med. Ugnius Mickys – ugnius.mickys@vpc.lt
Dr. Med. Valdas Peceliunas – valdas.peceliunas@santa.lt
Jaroslav Suskevic
V. Contacts
Hematologijos ir onkologijos tyrėjų asociacija LTU - Hematology and Oncology Research Association of Lithuania
Phone: +37065571481
VI. Financing
The Association has no fixed continuous financing so the administrative costs are kept to the minimum. The Association members including board receive no payment and donate their time and efforts to research. The Association activities are financed per project through industry provided research grants.